Erickson Piano Studio- Studio Policies

Tuition is due prior to the beginning of each semester. 

Spring 2024: January 8-May 23 (No lessons April 1-4)

Fall 2023: August 7 - December 21 (No lessons 9/4, 9/5, 11/22, 11/23)

Payment Options for the Spring and Fall Semesters:

Option A: 1 payment:  December 7   Second installment due: February 15

Please note:  Families who choose the 2 payment plan are expected to pay tuition for the entire semester.

Tuition is based on enrollment, not attendance, reserving your exclusive lesson time throughout the semester, regardless of the number of lessons attended. 

What does tuition provide the student?

Tuition provides students with: the scheduled lesson, instructor preparation, repertoire preparation, duet, trio, and quartet rehearsals, recitals, performance classes, Piano Camp, Erickson Piano Studio YouTube videos and tutorials, studio prizes and other incentives.

Tuition does not include student method books, music, CDs, mp3s, etc.

Registration Fee:

$50 for new students and students returning after an absence.

Enrollment Fee:

The enrollment fee reserves your place in our schedule during your semester absence.  Please inquire about this fee.

Changes to in-person lesson setting:

In working with the Adair County Health Department, this is our current protocol for in-person lessons:

I will mask at the student’s request.

Students will leave coats, shoes, etc. in the waiting area.

Students will thoroughly wash hands in the bathroom immediately before and after the lesson.

Missed Lessons:

I am happy to attempt to reschedule lessons when given sufficient notice.  If we cannot find a mutually agreeable time, the student’s lesson will be forfeited.  Missed lessons must be made up in a timely fashion and cannot be carried over to a different semester.  You are always welcome to use our Studio Swap List.  If your child is ill, please phone or text me by 9:00 a.m.  If you forget to attend the lesson it cannot be made up. 


If a student is ill they must have a virtual lesson.  Essentially, if the illness would prevent one from attending school, we must have a virtual lesson. I can easily switch anyone to a virtual lesson, but please give as much notice as possible so I can be prepared.

Missed Partner Lessons

If all parties can find a mutually agreeable time, the lesson will be rescheduled; otherwise, the lessons will commence with whichever student can be present for the scheduled lesson time.

Instructor Cancellations:

If I have to cancel a lesson for a personal emergency or illness I will make the lesson up. 

Using the Swap List:

The party who initiates the swap is responsible for informing the instructor.

Discontinuing Lessons:

If the student discontinues lessons for any reason, tuition is not refundable. 

Performance Classes:

For students with perfect attendance, this can serve as a bonus lesson.  For students who have missed any lessons, these serve as make-up opportunities.

Group Classes: 

Offered every day that lessons are offered.  Group classes will not meet if there are no lessons scheduled that day for a break, etc.  Our group classes meet via Zoom.  These are enrichment classes that go beyond your actual lesson.  It is recommended that all students attend their weekly group class.

Summer Semester:

The Summer Semester has flexible scheduling.  Students who enroll in the Summer Semester will submit vacation weeks when filling out summer enrollment schedule. Teacher will work with students to reschedule vacation lessons.

Tuition Due Date Spring 2024: December 7

Early Bird: Save $10 if full tuition is paid by: November 24

Tuition Due: 

$10 late fee for tuition received after the due date.

Thank You!


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