Piano Camp 2023

Students may sign up for as many camp features as they would like!  Please complete forms by 6/22/23.

Please note:

Music and movement class is intended for the age 10 and under crowd.

Music story time is intended for ages 10 and under.

Performance Classes are for students in: Music Makers, Mini Theory, and Theory classes.  Mini Music Makers has a class dedicated to that age group.  Online performance class is for all.

Drum Workshop: We will be making drums out of an oatmeal container. Please save one. We will also need something to decorate the drum with such as: construction paper, wrapping paper, stickers, tape, glue, markers, etc.

I will have a limited supply of oatmeal containers you can pick up at the studio.

Piano Camp 2023

Wednesday, July 5

Thursday, July 6

I can not attend piano camp:

Is your name on the form?


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