Fall 2020 Classes

Contact us if you are interested in a joining class!

Location: First Christian Church for our Musical Beginnings Classes (music and movement classes for ages 5 and under)

For piano lessons (ages 4-adult) please check out our Piano Lessons page.


 Wunderkeys is an amazing program with AGE-APPROPRIATE piano lessons for children ages 3-5!

The Wunderkeys program gives your child a headstart in MUSIC, MATH, and LIFE.

I am excited to offer the WunderKeys Piano For Preschoolers program at our studio. WunderKeys was developed to provide age-appropriate piano lessons to pre-school children ages 3-5, and combines beginning piano skills with a foundation in math; creating connections that facilitate mathematical understanding in the future and a love of the arts. 


I am interested in:


Click here for the Wunderkeys Parent Information Guide. 

 Musical Beginnings

(babies to 5 years)

 Theme: Fall Fun!: Join us for a park themed music and movement session!  Our classes are filled with a great variety of music and movement activities to meet children's developmental needs, to hold children's interest in the group setting, and to bring families together.

All Musical Beginnings Classes include singing, dancing, instrument play, circle dances, pretend play, and a take home craft.

Class meets: 

 Thursdays 6:00-6:45, October 17 and 24 

Cost: $20 for 2 weeks of 45 minute classes

Children 12 mos and under accompanied by a sibling are free.

Siblings ages 5 and under are half price.

Caregiver attends with children.

Click to enroll.

What to expect in class:

Children (and families) participate in singing, dancing, playing instruments, fingerplays, chants, rhymes, storytime, circle dances, pretend play, and gain valuable social skills. 


Why Music and Movement classes

Movement is key to learning!  Our brains fully develop through movement activities such as crawling, rolling, turning, skipping, walking, and much more!  Motor activities are needed to make full use of our complicated nervous system.





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