Musical Beginnings encourages toddlers and pre-schoolers to discover an engaging musical world while building confidence, self-control, and communication skills. Singing, imitating sounds, rhyming, and object identification foster language skills, while creative movement to various musical “moods” develops a sense of balance, timing, and spatial awareness. Listening and turn-taking encourage blossoming social skills.  Pretend play activities are integrated with music, vocal development, storytelling, movement, and literature to capture the preschooler’s potential to learn and to encourage cognitive and literacy skills, creativity and individuality.


What you will experience in class:

  • Explore instruments, textures, sounds, movements
  • Pretend Play
  • Vocal Play
  • Storytime and Early Literacy skills
  • Fine and Gross Motor Development
  • Movement Activities
  • Circle Dances
  • Fingerplays
  • Singing, Chanting, Rhyming
  • Feeling a steady beat

 Specific benefits for your toddler:

  • Socialization in a structured environment
  • Examples of older peers
  • Bonding opportunity for parent/child relationship
  • Feeling a steady beat through group example
  • Early development of inhibitory control (stop/go motor skills)

 Specific benefits for your pre-schooler:

  • Being an example for younger children/gaining self-confidence
  • Further development of the speaking and singing voice
  • Playing a steady beat with instruments and/or props
  • Development of imagination
  • Development of creative thinking skills

 Each class has optional home materials for you to continue the learning at home!


Keys to Music classes are for children ages 5 and up.  Children attend class for 45 minutes with the last 5-10 minutes reserved for family sharing time.

Pressure-free classes where your child can develop a strong musical foundation by learning the concepts, language, notation, and vocabulary of music and some of its greatest composers.


What your child will experience in class:

  • Singing and vocal development
  • Group movement activities
  • Focused Listening
  • Exploring and playing instruments
  • Creative movement and dance
  • Fine and Gross Motor development
  • Reading and Writing Music
  • Identify "Famous Notes" on a staff
  • Rhythmic development
  • Solfege
  • Simple tunes on the Glockenspiel
  • Piano hand position
  • Simple tunes on the piano



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